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5 Simple Steps To Becoming A Better YOU!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

5 Simple Steps To Help You Get Your Life Back!

How many of you are ready to make a change in your life? A change that directly affects you and your loved ones for the better?

Maybe even a change that wouldn’t really require too much time and energy. Maybe, all you would need to change is what you are focusing on! And….maybe that focus needs to start with you!

If you have been following along with The Giggling Life, you will be somewhat caught up on my personal journey. A journey that has been ever winding and twisting like all of your live’s! Right? Who’s life doesn’t have twists and turns?

However, my journey has led me to this new point and this is why I have created ProjectMe and ProjectYou!

It is a starting point to focus on me getting my life back, and to help you get your life back too! This is why I have created 5 Simple Steps to help you become a better YOU!

Maybe you feel a lack of energy, confidence, drive to fulfill your dreams, you may even a lack self-worth, motivation, or you are a tad crabby and short-tempered? Do you ever look into the mirror you wonder who the heck is staring back at you? Yep…that is where I am right now! How about you?

I wonder where that super motivated, energetic, positive, persistent, confident woman went! I figure she has to be somewhere close and I am determined to find her through ProjectMe/ProjectYou!

If you are a parent, how many of you were feeling drained by the end of summer? Summer is amazing, but for most of us it is extremely busy without any breaks at all! Again, I love summer but man I am exhausted! How about you?

So… now that those happy kiddos are back in school we need to find something to refill our tank and replenish what we may have lost over the summer! So let’s get started!

If you haven’t yet read about ProjectMe and ProjectYou please do so here, so that you fully understand the process that we have created!

(ProjectMe is a program that I have partnered with in order to help with my nutrition, exercise, and an extra support community to help me to reach my nutrition and fitness goals, ProjectYou is the same program that I have created to focus on YOU becoming a better you, without the complete nutrition and exercise package!)

* If you interested in the nutrition and exercise package you can learn more here. ProjectMe!

What is the first step that we should take with ProjectMe /ProjectYou in order to get our lives back?

1. Commit!

In order to be effective and REALLY take control of our lives and how we feel, we need to COMMIT to ourselves that we will take 45-60 minutes to focus on us and only US!

When was the last time you put yourself first?

How do you feel when you think of focusing on you? Does it make you feel guilty or selfish?

I know I feel guilty when I think of spending time on myself, because I have so many other things to do, just like all of you! However, we HAVE to change the way we think! If we can’t help ourselves, how are we supposed to help everyone else?

Does that make sense? You can’t water your plants if you don’t have any water! This is the exact same thing!

In order to get our energy, confidence, motivation, drive to succeed, etc. we need to make that commitment to ourselves and only YOU can decide if your are truly ready to commit! No one else….this is your journey.

So take a moment….think about YOU and who YOU want to be….and make that decision!

Are you ready to commit to bettering yourself with 45-60 minutes per day?

2. Decide what you want from ProjectMe/ProjectYou?

Now that you have made the decision to commit to yourself with ProjectMe/ProjectYou you have to decide what you REALLY want the results to be.

I am breaking ProjectMe/ProjectYou down into 4 important categories:

  1. Nutrition – Let’s face it, we are what we eat, right? When you eat terrible you feel terrible too! We can’t begin to feel better unless we take the time to nourish our bodies in the correct way! So…it is very important to focus on our nutrition! This is why ProjectMe was so easy for me! By partnering with them my nutrition was taken care of….which gives me more time to work on my other areas! You can find out more about ProjectMe here!

  2. Fitness or physical Weight loss, tone, strength, energy, overall health and well-being. Of course this is so important! When you exert yourself and get your body moving, you immediately feel more energized and better.  Whether you just want to be more tone, stronger, or lose a few pounds, this is an incredibly important aspect of working on YOU! All you need is 15-30 minutes a day to start seeing a change! Again, you just have to commit to bettering YOU! If you have also partnered with ProjectMe, they will provide quick and effective workouts daily in your group.

  3. Mental – Happiness, gratitude, confidence, clarity, etc. Obviously, we all know how important it is to keep our mind healthy, right? Without a healthy, well rested mind, nothing in our lives will change! This should have been placed as #1 because this should always be a priority!!!

  4. Personal – Relationships, career, financial, and family goals are equally as important! We all must have something to strive for in all of these areas! It is what keeps us going and challenges us to get better!  So you must think about the goals that you want to accomplish in these areas.

Right now I want you to stop what you are doing, grab a pen, some paper, your notebook, iPad, computer, whatever you can write with and write down what YOU want to accomplish in these 4 areas with ProjectMe/ProjectYou! This is VERY important, please take the time to do this as it will give you clarity moving on from this point! I promise!

3. What is your WHY?

Now we get to do a little more fine tuning! This is my favorite part!

We know we must commit to ourselves the time and effort to focus on us by starting ProjectMe/ProjectYou. We also know that we must take some time to figure out exactly what we want to accomplish with our nutrition, fitness, mental, and physical goals.

Now we get to the real nitty-gritty, WHY do you want to do this?

I used to do a lot of training, and when someone wanted to get to the next level or reach a certain goal, we would say, “What is your WHY? Your why must be big enough to make you cry!”

This is SO true!!!! You must be so moved by your “WHY” that you will NEVER give up on your goals.

Here are a few questions that will help you to create YOUR why;

  1. Why do you want to be a better version of you?

  2. Why are you worth it?

  3. Who will benefit from you focusing on ProjectMe/ProjectYou?

  4. How will you feel once you have accomplished your goals?

  5. How proud will your friends, family, co-workers, significant others, etc. be of you?

  6. Who will be most affected by you accomplishing your goals, other than yourself?

  7. What can you teach others by accomplishing your goals?

  8. Who will be the most affected (other than yourself) by you accomplishing your goals?

I want you to stop here again.

Take the time to really answer some of these questions above. Close your eyes and visualize how it will feel when you finish this 6 week journey and you have accomplished your goals. Can you imagine the feeling?

Write down YOUR why and how it will make you feel when you complete it!

Once you are finished, I want you to put it somewhere that you can see it daily. I want you to focus on it and really visualize yourself accomplishing your goals….and always remember WHY you ARE worth starting ProjectMe/ProjectYou!

This is so important!

4. What can you do to work on YOU???

This is SO fun!!! My favorite part is looking through all of these ideas! However, the list is endless and because everyone is so unique it will can only keep growing!!!

Basically, when you commit to ProjectMe/ProjectYou, you are committing to work on yourself for 45-60 minutes daily. This can mean a million different things for you! However, you must remember to focus on activities that will help you reach your nutrition, fitness, mental, and personal goals!

Here is a list of a few things to get ideas flowing:

  1. Read – books that move, motivate or inspire you!

  2. Listen to audiobooks – that move, motivate or inspire you.

  3. Tune in to podcasts – this is a great way to become inspired…there are so many amazing podcasts out there!

  4. Journal daily! – I love writing…it is so good for your soul!

  5. Use affirmations! – I love saying affirmations during or after a great workout! I will be posting them daily on the blog, FB, and Instagram! Pinterest is also an amazing tool to find great, powerful affirmations!

  6. Use a gratitude Journal! – Nothing starts redirecting your mind faster than using gratitude! It has CHANGED my life! Make sure to write 10 things daily that you are grateful for!!!

  7. Meditate! – I have never been one to stay still, but mediation is a life saver! Just 10 minutes a day can really change your life!

  8. Sit in silence. – This is so powerful! Sit, be still, quiet, listen to the sounds, and focus on relaxation and your breathing!

  9. Work out! There are SO many ways to get a workout in! Hiking, dancing, walking, jogging, yoga, bike riding, etc! Whatever you love doing! Just keep moving!!!

  10. Use Visualization! – This is super powerful! You can use visualization while meditating. Not only does this help you to focus on what you want, it also help you to be able to manifest it to you!

  11. Yoga! – Yoga is a combination of meditation, visualization, silence, etc. It is very beneficial for everyone!

  12. Do art! – I do a lot of art with gratitude courses in my home for children and it is so powerful! It truly a calming, therapeutic way to focus on what you want in life.

  13. Listen to music! – Many of you are calmed by music. It heals your soul. It is a great way to workout, stretch, reflect, write, whatever, music is definitely therapeutic!

  14. Hobbies. – What do you LOVE to do? What are your passions? You MUST find time to do them! This will help you to fill your cup so quickly! Life is all about passion…..make sure to find time to use yours passions!!!

  15. Goal Set! – Take time to sit by yourself and reflect on your life and where you want it to go…then write all of your goals down! The more you write them, the more powerful they become!

  16. Vision boards! – After you goals set, take the time to cut out sayings and pictures that correspond to your goals and post them on a board that you can put somewhere that you can see it very often! To read more about this click here. It is fun and IMPORTANT when chasing your dreams!

  17. Pamper yourself! – Give yourself a facial, paint your nails, get a pedicure, get a haircut, whatever makes you feel beautiful! It is important to feel beautiful!

  18. Research your passions. – This is powerful! By researching your passions you are giving yourself fuel to continue to pursue them!!! It is fun, motivating, and good for mental clarity!

  19. Get a massage! – A wonderful way to reward yourself…and reduce tension!

  20. Create new meals/snacks! – Try new types of healthy food. Get out of your comfort zone, try new ways to cook and prepare food. Have fun with it!

Remember these are just a few ideas to get you to start focusing on YOU!!! Some ideas that will help to start filling your cup! Be creative and enjoy focusing on you!


We are all on this journey of life together and we ALL need to remind one another that it is supposed to be FUN! We were not put on this earth to live a life of despair or sadness, we are meant to find our purpose. love, laugh, and ENJOY life!

So together let’s help one another do just that!

Laugh, be silly, enjoy the little things in life! Don’t be so serious or hard on yourself! Do some of the items above and embrace them, really take the time to enjoy them, remember YOU deserve it!

This is a new beginning for all of us….it is a time to regroup, replenish, and rejuvenate our souls! We have to be careful to not overcomplicate this process!

So….let’s get started on creating a BETTER YOU! It is a perfect time to do it! We are starting a whole new community to lift one another up and remember how important WE are each and every day! So…make sure to connect with The Giggling Life on FB, Twitter, and Instagram! We will posting up dates, affirmations, and ideas each and every day!!!

Also, if you are ready to take a few minutes each day to fill your cup then go ahead and connect with us here at The Giggling Life!

I am excited to start this journey with you all! Thank you again for your understanding, compassion, and patience throughout this year… is good to be back with you all! Much love to you and cheers to GETTING our LIVE’S BACK!

Thanks so stopping by! Much love to you all!



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