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Summer Farm Fun Programs

About our Program

We are beyond thrilled to be rolling into 5th year of Summer Programs! 

These are very hands-on programs and were designed for children of all ages to work together in completing everyday tasks on the farm, all while teaching them very important life skills!


It is a great way for children and adolescents to learn how to interact with one another, the animals, care for themselves and the animals, have discipline, kindness, respect, build trust, independence, relationships, patience, while empowering your child to find and nurture their passions, all through laughter, fun, farm animals, and the beauty of the outdoors.


All projects will be done outside in the pasture, while learning about how to properly interact with, take care of, exercise, groom, and love our ducks, chickens, dogs, rabbits, cats, ponies, miniature donkeys, a steer, horses, miniature sheep and YES, another new addition that will be joining us here!

We create a very safe place for children to work the earth and animals with their hands while healing the mind and body through agricultural and animal-based activities.  


Every lesson that we have at The Giggling Life Care Farm includes lessons of gratitude, how to believe in yourself, and how powerful your mind is.

The kids absolutely love this responsibility, and this is where life gets pretty awesome! They begin to build confidence, trust, love, build relationships, respect and all of the aspects above. It is truly the most rewarding and therapeutic process that I know of.


This year we are adding Featured Lessons for each WEEK in ADDITION to our normal Farm Fun Teachings! A bit more enrichment for the kiddos and the topics are SO much fun!!  


Here are some of our WEEKLY featured lessons and these are the weeks that they will be happening here at GL! Just a reminder...these will all be in ADDITION to all of our time soent with the animals, etc.! 

  • Week 1: Gardening Week - May 28th- 30th    (1/2 Day Programs)

  • Week 2: Rodeo Week - June 3rd- 6th   ( 1/2 Day Programs with Extended Day Option)

  • Week 3: Goat FUN Week - June 10th- 13th   (1/2 Day Programs)

  • Week 4: Treat Week - June 17th- 20th   ( 1/2 Day Programs with Extended Day Option)

  • Week 5: Sensory Week - June 24th- 27th   ( 1/2 Day Programs with Extended Day Option)

  • Week 6: Chicken Week - July 1st- 3rd   (1/2 Day Programs)

  • Week 7: Vet Week - July 8th-11th   ( 1/2 Day Programs with Extended Day Option)

  • Week 8: Sheep Week (Wool FUN) - July 15th- 18th   (1/2 Day Programs)

  • Week 9: Farm to Table - July 22nd- 25th   ( 1/2 Day Programs with Extended Day Option)

  • Week 10: Bovine (Cow Fun Week) - July 29th-Aug. 1st   (1/2 Day Programs)

  • Week 11: Rodeo Week - Aug     ( 1/2 Day Programs with Extended Day Option)

This year we have already put so much work into what we will be doing to ensure that you and your children have the best farm summer just yet!


Here is how our Summer Programs will work:


We will have three age groups and each age group will start at a different time. This way it will ensure a nice flow of traffic in the morning! Here are how the age groups are broken up:

  • Ages 4-6 years

  • Ages 7 -11 years

  • Ages 12-16 years

  • Tiny Tots - 18 months - 3 years


Each age group will have lesson plans according to their age and ability. This will make it super exciting for all kids to attend!


We will also be adding the option of ALL DAY Programs!


These programs will be available every other week of summer and will be offered as an EXTENDED Day Option when checking out on our website.


For example, if you choose a Monday/Wednesday Program, you can choose to do an Extended Day when you are checking out on our website cart!!


This way every other week, our programs will have the option to run from 9 to 3. 

IF...we sell out of our EXTENDED DAY Programs....we will add more throughout the summer! 


This is what you can expect for Extended Day Options:

  • Picnic and snack down in the creek area.

  • Water-play time by the creek

  • Yoga

  • Journal time

  • Art

  • Games

  • Sand-play

  • Play structure play

  • Small animals (chickens & bunnies) at the creek

  • and MORE!

We will be building a nice big shade structure down by the little creek for kids to be able to get out of the sun and enjoy the above activities! We will also be adding some fun play structures as well as a nice big sand area! 


Extended time will be only down at the play/creek area so that we can focus on making sure the kids have shade/rest/and water play! We all know afternoons at the farm can get quite this will be AMAZING!!! 


We offer a 50% refund on camp cancellations up to 2 weeks before the scheduled camp. Within 2 weeks of the scheduled camp, no refunds can be given. You are welcome to find someone to fill the spot, as long as they complete all paperwork.

Program Days:

Monday/ Wednesday

Tuesday/ Thursday

Program Start Times:

  • Ages 4-6 - Start time: 8:30-11:30 (full day option will end at 2:30)

  • Ages 7-11 - Start time: 9:00-12:00 (full day option will end at 3:00)

  • Ages 12-16 - Start time: 9:30-12:30 (full day option will end at 3:30)


Per week - $160

Drop in - $90

Extended Day Program (Bi-weekly) - $40 per day

Sibling Discounts & Payment Plans Available


Activities Include:

  • Meet and greet with the animals

  • Farm manners

  • Learn proper interaction skills with the animals

  • How to properly feed all animals

  • How to clean their stalls

  • How to groom each animal

  • How to exercise the animals

  • Watering the animals and plants

  • Relationship building with the animals

  • Trust exercises with the animals

  • Children will learn anatomy of each animal, breeds, etc.

  • Coaching exercises with animals on how to overcome obstacles, build confidence, trust, patience, and much more!

  • Equine Spa Day


  • How to overcome challenges

  • Trust

  • Relationship skills

  • Discipline

  • Work ethic

  • Confidence

  • Listening skills

  • Joy

  • Build Independence

  • Happiness

  • Calming

  • Motivating

  • Rewarding

  • Important life skills.

  • Teaches patience.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.

We are always open to offering payment plans for anyone who would need it!

Please contact me at 720-576-8499 OR!

We look forward to seeing you all!

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