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A Quick & Easy Guide to Finding & Achieving Your Dreams.

Updated: Jan 31, 2023


Since I have started writing different topics for my blog, I have noticed that everyone loves the topic of dreaming.

It is the most read about topic to date, so this is why I have created a simple & easy guide for you to be able to find & achieve your dreams & desires.

Some of you may not know what your dreams are, some of you may be scared to dream, or maybe you get caught up in other people’s dreams, & many of you may dream all of the time. No matter where you are in this spectrum, I know that dreaming is vital for all of us so that we can live out our true life’s potential.

Everyone is in a different place in their lives when it comes to creating dreams. After speaking to so many different moms regarding this topic, I have realized that we are in a whole different category!

Many of us ladies have dreamed of becoming moms all of our lives, but once we are in the midst of being moms, raising our children, sometimes we lose sight of who we are and what our dreams may be.

The Quick & Easy Guide to Finding & Achieving Your Dreams.

I was one of these moms.

All I ever wanted when I was a child was to get married & have a family. That was my biggest dream! As my 4th child started full-time elementary school  a few years ago, I realized that I had been raising kids full-time for over 20 years, which is an ABSOLUTE blessing that I am so grateful for, but I realized that I didn’t even know what my passions or desires were anymore outside of my kids.

Crazy as it seems, I was that mom who hadn’t been alone in my house for almost 20 years & didn’t know what to do with myself, so of course I got a puppy! I don’t recommend that to any of you!

This was an interesting time for me because I realized that I had accomplished my biggest dream already, & all of a sudden I felt the desire to create new dreams, find my passions, new desires. My soul suddenly desired more & there was an undeniable urge inside of me to figure it out, but I didn’t even know where to start!

I had been “mom” for so long I forgot who I was, which is not a bad thing at all, it just meant that I was entering a different chapter in my life. It was a bit scary, but exciting, as I went on this new journey of exploration to what I was meant to do with my life & what my new dreams were.

As I was soul-searching, I realized that my new dreams were even family dreams, they weren’t my personal dreams! I had to dig a bit deeper & really connect with my feelings and become aware of what inspired me!

This is where things started to get fun & my life started to change!

There are certain steps we must take in order to find out what our true dreams are & start the journey towards achieving them. I have created a quick & easy post how to become aware of your thoughts, help you find out what your dreams are, & start the process of being able to achieve them!

Here are 5 quick & easy steps that have helped me to find & achieve my dreams.

1. Become Aware of your thoughts.

This is the no matter what the FIRST & MOST important step in changing anything in your life, especially when it comes to dreaming & attracting what you want. 

You have to pay close attention to where your thoughts go throughout the day. This simple step CHANGED my life 10 years ago & still is changing it today!!! I would love to invite you to read my post on becoming aware of your thoughts. You can read it here if you haven’t already.

First, I want you to start by taking this quick quiz:

  1. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you awake in the morning? How do you feel? Are you tired? Do you jump out of bed or dread it?

  2. As you get ready for your day….what are your thoughts? Good/bad?

  3. Does the thought of going to work make you feel unhappy, unmotivated? When you open the door to your workplace, how do you feel inside? Happy, excited? Maybe sad, frustrated?

  4. Are you stressed, tired, anxious? Or happy, excited?

  5. When you’re talking to others, how are your conversations? Are you excited and positive or nagging, complaining, talking about others in a positive way,or  judging them?

  6. Would you say that you complain a lot?

  7. Do you smile & laugh often?

  8. Do you have hobbies? How do they make you feel?

  9. Do you have a lot of things that you are passionate about?

  10. When you describe yourself, would you say you are the life of the party or a Debbie Downer?

  11. Do you see yourself as a victim in life?

  12. Are you passionate about anything? What are you really good at?

  13. Do you feel like nothing ever goes right for you or do you feel like everything goes your way?

If your answers where more towards the tired, stressed, complaining, nothing ever good happens to me side, then you really need to look deeply within yourself, start changing your thoughts & how you perceive things that happen in your life.

You also need to be very aware how your thoughts affect what you are bringing into your life! If your thoughts are primarily negative then you will be attracting more of that negativity, but if your thoughts are more positive than you will attract more positive things in your life!

Remember “thoughts are things” so take your time & choose you thoughts wisely.

2. Start being GRATEFUL!

In order to change your thoughts, you need to focus on the good that is in your life already. We all have SO much to be grateful for in our lives each & every day!

To start with, wake up in the morning being grateful that you woke up!

 Most of us also have our health, family, friends, clean water, heat, a roof over our head, clean air, hands, feet, beds, etc. to be thankful for! Seriously the list is ENDLESS!!! Start focusing on every little thing you have in your life!

By focusing on what you are grateful for, you start diminishing the negativity in your life, which in turn, starts attracting more of what you really want!

The Quick & Easy Guide to Finding & Achieving Your Dreams.

Gratitude is like a magic wand & if you really want to change your life write 10 things down that you are grateful for each & every day.  If you focus on these things you that you are grateful for you will start attracting more of them instead of negativity! I guarantee it, as I have seen it in my life & many others!

 3. Start to Dream.

Why is it so important to dream? There are so many reasons, the list is really endless! I am going to share with you a quick overview of some of them here! If you would like to read more about this topic click here to go to my related post!

Why dreaming is important:

  • Connects you to your inner-self! This is where the magic happens! When you connect with what your passionate about & what drives you, the sky is the limit!

  • Dreaming BIG while stirring your souls compassion’s are a recipe for success!

  • Helps you focus on the positives instead of the negatives in life! We can all agree that life has its challenges, right? When you have a big enough dream it helps you to stay focused on achieving that goal/dream instead of all of negativity that can swirl around you & when you focus on the good, you receive more good! It is so powerful! 🙂

  • Dreams drive you.I learned first hand that by having a dream BIG enough that it drove me past my fears & objections right to the top of accomplishing my dreams! Let those dreams be so powerful that they drive you to succeed! I know you can! 🙂

  • Promotes self-growth! Holy cow does it ever! I love the quote “Your life only gets better when you do. Work on yourself & the rest will follow.” This is so true! 🙂

  • Makes you focus. What you focus on you receive! This pertains to everything in life! If you focus on the negative you WILL receive more negativity, if you focus on your DREAMS you will get closer to your achieving your DREAMS! So each & every day, you need to take the time to do SOMETHING that takes you closer to your goal.

  • Teaches your children & others that it is GOOD to dream! This is one of my favorites! Everything is achievable if you put your mind to it, your passionate about it, it makes you happy, & you have someone’s support! Lead by example!

  • Visualize. Now that you know some of the benefits of dreaming I want you to STOP everything you are doing, take a few deep breaths, & clear your mind for a moment. Just relax. Once you get settled  & feel relaxed I want you to take a mental snapshot on your life.

  1. What do you see?

  2. What do you feel?

  3. Do you feel completely satisfied with where you are in your life?

  4. If not, what would you change?

  5. How is your career?

  6. You family life?

  7. Your relationships?

  8. How are your finances?

  9. Are you traveling?

  10. Hobbies?

  11. How is your health?

  12. Do you have everything that makes you happy in life? House, car, toys, etc.?

Now I want you to switch gears for a minute & visualize what you really want in your life. How would you change your life if you could? Be specific & DO NOT focus on how you change it, just focus on what you want & what that looks like to you! 🙂

  1. What would your job be?

  2. Who would be your partner?

  3. Where would you live?

  4. What does your home look like?

  5. How much money would you be making?

  6. Would you travel? Where would you go?

  7. Would you help charities or foundations? Which ones?

  8. What is your dream car?

  9. What is your idea of being perfectly healthy?

  10. What do your finances look like?

After visualizing your dreams, think of how it made you feel? Did you stay nice & relaxed, maybe happy or excited? I want you to keep imagining what that life would feel like for a minute, because you are going to learn how to attract those dreams to you next! 🙂

4. Attracting your dreams:

Make a list of what you want in your life.

We just completed our visualization of what are dreams look like so now is the perfect time to grab your computer or pad of paper & write down everything that you just envisioned.

Please be very specific & don’t rush through this!

This exercise is very powerful & something we will be building on next so PLEASE take your time & really think about what you want in your life!

Remember “thoughts are things” so make sure your choosing your thoughts wisely when creating your dreams!

By doing the above, you have taken the first step to creating & achieving your dreams because you made a declaration of what you want in your life & put it out to the universe!

I love referring to the “Law of Attraction” as placing an order from a catalog. You don’t just receive things out of the blue, right? You have to shop, place an order for the item that you want, pay for it, then you wait to receive it.

The universe & your mind work the same way.

If you are asking for more money, but you are saying that you are broke & your complaining, you will most definitely NOT receive more money.

5. Create a vision board.

You have just taken the time to visualize & write down your dreams, so it is a perfect time to create a vision board! A vision board is a very powerful tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal.

Vision boards are a concrete representation of your desires and aspirations for your dream life. By taking the time to figure out exactly what your dreams are, you are taking action towards receiving them. It helps keep you focused & motivated to achieve what you truly want in life.

The Quick & Easy Guide to Finding & Achieving Your Dreams.

A vision board is any sort of board on which you display pictures, sayings, goals, dreams, that represent whatever you want to be, do or have in your life. This is what you’ll need to create your vision board.

  1. You can make vision boards out of cork boards, poster boards, card board, whatever works for you.

  2. Scissors

  3. Glue

  4. Pictures of things you want to create (from magazines, books, etc.)

  5. Sayings, quotes, etc.

  6. Markers

  7. Pins for the cork board

  8. Time :)Have a blast with this! The more you get in to this project the more you will receive back from it! It is a great idea to do it with friends & family so that you all can support one another along your journeys of achieving your dreams! 🙂

Take time each day to look at your board.

This is VERY IMPORTANT! Place your vision board somewhere that you can see it throughout the day. You must spend time looking at each image for it to really work. Spend at least 10-15 minutes a day looking at it & thinking about what it would be like if you had everything on that board.

When you plant a seed you must water it for it to grow…the same thing applies to your vision board. You MUST look at it & visualize all of your dreams coming true for them to grow & become a reality!

Place reminders of your dreams wherever you are throughout the day!

I look at mine that are placed throughout the house as many times that I can throughout my day to help me stay focused & motivated to achieve my dreams. 🙂

6. Watch your dreams unfold!

What a rewarding feeling this is when you start seeing some of your dreams unfolding right before your eyes! This is a reward for being patient, being persistent, being grateful, taking action, & visualizing your dreams! 

As your dreams come true make sure to color them in on your board & mark them off of your list! As you are doing this be extremely grateful for what you have accomplished!

Our thoughts are the hardest thing to overcome, but if you practice gratitude & become aware of your thoughts daily, it will get easier! Before you know it you will be attracting great things into your life!

Now you have the tools to become aware of & change your thoughts, find what your dreams are, & take the steps to start achieving them!

It is time to take these daily steps to change your life…. YOU are worth it!

I had a great conversation with a brilliant woman & she told me that life is supposed to be easy…we are the ones that make it hard… she continued to say that we have the ability to choose what it is life & it ALL begins by being aware of our thoughts & staying focused on what we want…not what we DON’T want!

So…I challenge all of you to make the next 30 days about YOU! Become aware & start mastering your thoughts, create your dreams, finish your vision boards, & start attracting the life that you REALLY want!

If you are ready to change your life, find happiness, live life with gratitude & purpose, create our dreams, & start achieving them, then you’ve come to the right place!  Join me here at The Giggling Life to receive weekly tips & stories, as well many freebies to get you started on the right path!

We are a community all striving for the same thing…so let’s do this together! Sign up here to join in our fun & start changing your life! I am excited to start this journey with you all! 🙂

I would love to hear from you all!  You got this!



Thanks so much for sharing!

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