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Gift Cards!

Gift cards are such an easy & fun way to be able to give the gift of Farm Fun to your loved one! It is truly a gift that keeps giving!


The laughter and fun we have here is truly contagious and something you could never imagine! Fresh air, laughter, animals, chasing chickens, art….what could be better?

Program Types

We run programs ALL year long…so you can use your Giggling Life Care Farm Gift Certificate ANY time of year! They make great birthday presents, Valentine’s gifts, Easter, Christmas….YOU name it! They are perfect!

Here is a list of programs that we offer all year around! However, we also have many Saturday classes and holiday classes to choose from as well!

After School Farm Fun Program 2 hour: (Cost $180 monthly / $50 drop in)

Home School Farm Program 3 hour: (Cost $300 monthly/ $80 drop in)

Home School Riding Farm Program 3 hour: (Cost $340 monthly/ $90 drop in)

Holiday Camp 3 days, 4 hours: (Cost $330/ $115 drop in)

Private Horseback Riding Lessons 1 hour: (Cost $50)

How It Works

You have many options when it comes to Gift Cards!

You can purchase them in ANY amount that you would like! It can be as low as $10 and go as high as you would like, OR you can purchase certificates by class amounts. It is ALL up to YOU! You can skip the craziness of shopping and buy them a gift that they will love!!!

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