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Meet The Herd

We are so blessed to have such an amazing group of animals in our pasture!Everyone
that comes to visit is shocked to see how the animals all share the same space and get
along so well! They truly all love one another and respect one another’s space.

We do share lots of lots of giggles watching them play around with one another and
there are definitely no dull moments here! It is entertaining and heart warming seeing
them interact with kiddos of all ages and adults as well. They are truly changing people's
lives in that pasture...and they know it!


We have 7 bunnies! 3 bucks and 4 does and we LOVE them so much!


We currently have over 60 hens and 1 rooster named Jose. The kiddos LOVE the chickens and have become professional chicken chasers every

day! They love collecting eggs and taking care of the coop. The chickens are truly their favorites!


We have 6 ducks and they are so much fun to watch! The kids love
feeding them and watching them play in the water!

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