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Success Stories: Manifesting What You Want Into Your Life.

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Success Stories: Manifesting What You Want Into Your Life.

As we are learning & becoming more aware of our thoughts & how powerful they are, it is nice to be reminded & motivated by other people’s stories!

No matter how big or small their accomplishments may be, they are constant reminders that we either are on the right track, or that we need to change tracks all together! This is why I feel it is important for me to share with you some stories of others whom have manifested what they want into their lives.

My entire blog was created out of wanting to educate everyone on how powerful our thoughts & actions are. How to live a life of gratitude, & purpose. I encourage you to read through my previous posts about the power in creating vision boards, as well as the power in dreaming, become aware of your thoughts, & using gratitude!

If you aren’t already aware of these tools, they will change your life! Make sure to take some time to read through my blog to get caught up on all of this excitement! It can change your life if you want it to! 🙂

I truly believe with all of my heart that we can truly achieve anything we set our mind too, we just have to BELIEVE that! It is fascinating!

Over the last 11 years I have been on a journey to not only change my life, but others as well! I have learned so much about overcoming obstacles, changing grief to gratitude, thinking positive, visualization, & manifestation!

It has been the most amazing journey & here is a quick summary of some of my favorite & most important lessons!

The 5 most valuable lessons that I learned over the last 11 years:

1. Become aware of your thoughts & feelings.

Once you become aware of your thoughts & feelings, try to redirect them & only focus on the good. (Yes there is always something good to focus on in every situation! )

“You may not have a good day, however, there is GOOD in EVERY day!”

2. Thoughts are things!

When I realized how powerful my thoughts were, I learned that I could reflect on certain events in my life & literally depict what was happening due to what I was focusing on at that time! How powerful is that? Maybe even a little scary!

Take a minute to think of this. Have you had times when you were solely focusing on the “lack of” something? Money, work, etc.? Only to attract more things to be in a lack of?

How about when you focused on great things in your life? Such as work, money, health, etc.? What happened when you were in that state of positivity? Did you attract more of it?

Remember, what you focus on you become…so choose your thoughts wisely!!!

3. Gratitude.

When you become aware of the power that gratitude has, you will become grateful for every single thing that you have in your life! Being grateful for everything you have, brings you MORE things to be grateful for! It is unbelievable! 🙂

4. Visualization.

The power of visualization along with all of the above, will magnify the speed in which you are given what you are working on. Take some time to visualize what you want your life to be every day & watch it start transforming!

These lessons have changed my life 100%! Obviously, we are human & need to continue to learn & grow from all of life’s experiences, but knowing what I know now certainly helps. to overcome any obstacle!

I want to share with you some of the “magic” that can happen if you really soak in what I am talking about, take it seriously, & put it all to use! It will take time & energy, however, the pay will be tremendous!

Below are actual stories from different people whom are on the path made of becoming aware of their thoughts, changing their lives, living a life full of gratitude & purpose. They have first hand experienced how powerful their thoughts are, & I am grateful they are letting me share some of their stories!

I know you have already experienced the power of your thoughts & have had these experiences too… I want you to reflect on them as you are reading today! Let these stories inspire you to dream & think of what you truly want in your life…you have the power to make them all happen! Enjoy! 🙂

Success Stories: Manifesting What You Want Into Your Life:

Kirsten Yuhl-Torres wrote: School Psychologist

In 2009, my husband & I went out to dinner. As we sat & discussed our day, I had this overwhelming idea of starting a program for children. It would be courses for children designed to help them overcome obstacles, believe in themselves, become aware of their behaviors that impact their future goals, & help teach them positive behaviors that will lead them to success!

This idea was creating such strong emotions within myself, that I had to share it with my husband! As I did, we both became so excited that we grabbed a napkin & wrote all of our ideas down. We continued to talk about the program throughout that night. It was an inspiring night!

That next day, I transferred my notes to my computer & continued to think of this program.

The next thing I know 3 years had gone by! Even though I was always thinking of this program in the back of my mind, I hadn’t taken the time to construct the program to its entirety. So of course it was not ready to share with the school district.

“Keep focused on your dreams & know that they will come true if YOU want them to!”

One day I was at work & had to go into a classroom. As I walked into that classroom it was entirely obvious that this classroom was out of control! To the point where I asked the teacher if I could have a moment with her class, in private. In that particular moment, I was able to reach those kids, & as I did I felt as though this was my purpose, this is what I was being called to do!

The very next day, I was asked by that teacher to come back to her class. Soon after, other teachers wanted me to instruct their classes as well. Within a few months the program had been adopted into many classes within that school & in 3 other schools as well! The program is now getting ready to move into other states, which is so exciting!

It is incredible & all started from an idea & a napkin!

Even though I did not physically act on creating my Trajectory program right away, I NEVER stopped creating it mentally. This is how I was able to attract this program into it’s being!

The point being…never give up on your dreams, stay focused on them, & know that they will come true if YOU want them to!


Jett’s Story:

I will never forget this time of my life because it taught me something very important.

11 years ago my family moved from San Diego to Denver, CO, at that time I was 9 years old. It was a crazy time for all of us because we hadn’t sold our house in CA yet, so my dad had to stay in CA to sell it.

So my mom, my 2 brothers & I literally moved to Denver with a couple of things in our truck. No beds, furniture, not much of anything but our clothes & a couple of toys.

We didn’t have much money at this point because my parents were paying 2 mortgages & 2 sets of bills, which was a lot of money, & our new house needed a lot of repairs. It had been in foreclosure for 1 year & my parents had only seen it once before they had bought it. To make things even crazier my mom had just found out that she was pregnant.

We moved to a home that had property & our neighbors all had horses. So of course, I decided I wanted one too! Obviously, the timing was not very good to ask for one, but I did anyway. The outcome was NOT good for me! However, I continued to look for the perfect horse for me.

Success Stories: Manifesting What You Want Into Your Life.

  “Don’t ever give up what you want in life.”

One day I found him. His name was Sundance & he was perfect. I asked my mom again if I could get him & of course the answer was still no. I printed out his picture and hung it on my wall. Every day when I was in my room I would talk to him like he was mine, & I NEVER gave up on him.

I kept track of him for weeks into months on Craigslist, & for some reason he was still there. It continued to give me hope. One day my mom, whom was sick of me asking, told me to call the owner, tell him my story & see if he will work something out with you.

Sure enough, one day I got the confidence to call him. I told him my 9-year-old story & he said “Buddy you come take a look at this horse & see if you like him, if you do, we will work something out!” Somehow my mom got my dad & grandpa to go with me to meet him & I fell in love with him. I knew he was the right guy for me.

Of course this story has a happy ending…I got my buddy Sundance, & his owner not only reduced the price but let me make payments on him. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I still have him today & I still marvel at how I got him in the first place.

Don’t ever give up what you want in life. Continue to focus on it & believe that you WILL get it & you will! Miracles happen every day, I am an example!

Stephanie’s Story:

One thing I have manifested was becoming a yoga teacher.

After I finished my teacher training, I knew I wanted to see if being a teacher was for me. It was scary because I knew that if I really truly decided that this was what I wanted to do, that even fear couldn’t hold me back. At that point, I decided I wanted it more than I cared about the fear.

Success Stories: Manifesting What You Want Into Your Life.

Every day for weeks I visualized myself as if I were already a yoga teacher. I went through everything from walking into the room to introduce myself, to how I felt, my posture as I led the class, my inner calm, to how it felt to help someone else enjoy the benefits of yoga. I used the I AM a yoga teacher intention vs the I WILL be the intention so that I could see it already manifested.

A few weeks later I was getting my nails done and was told by my manicurist that a local fitness center was looking for a yoga teacher. A few weeks later I was teaching there.

There is so much power in visualizing…. it is a tool everyone should use when it comes to manifesting what you want in your life!

My Story:

I have too many stories to tell, but I can start with the story of my blog.

Last year I had a conversation with one of my very best friend’s regarding what I was passionate about. How I love to help others & I love to write. I have a passion for sharing the message of gratitude, the power we have within ourselves, & how we CAN overcome any obstacle in our life if we choose to.

But, I didn’t know how to really get that message out to everyone.That is when she mentioned that I should start a blog. You have to understand that I had never even taken the time to read a blog at that point. I had no idea of what that meant, or how I would even get started with something like this. This was a very foreign concept for me.

“Visualization & affirmations truly changed my life!”

A few months had gone by & I just couldn’t get that BLOG idea out of my head! So, I started researching blogs & I won’t lie to you it was so overwhelming to me! But, as time went on I knew I had to follow my heart, something was telling me to go this route.

I continued on this path, taking many courses, writing, & saying to myself “I AM a writer, I AM successful, I AM helping others change their lives, I AM spreading the message of gratitude, I AM helping others overcome obstacles.”

One year later I am writing my blog, have 3 books started, an Art With Gratitude Program, one e-book, & e-course getting ready to launch, & new doors opening each & every day! I couldn’t be more grateful for that conversation with her that day. It truly changed my life in every way!

I would say to follow your heart, dream big, believe in yourself, & always continue to focus on what you want in life. Visualize it, use affirmations, & don’t worry about HOW it is going to happen, just KNOW it IS going to happen!

Karen’s Story:

I had to think what to say because there are so many things that I am learning.

The one thing I am doing is trying hard to complain less about things that happen, and just go with the flow more. I know it helps my relationships so much. As we discussed, it is making me choose more carefully where I spend my time and energy, and who I spend my time with.

Your “thoughts becomes things” has really stuck with me, and I find that I am talking to my kids & others about it. There are so many people I know who can benefit from thinking this way. It helps promote positive thoughts not negative.

Overall, I feel calmer. For example, I think I am taking my husband needing surgery in stride, because I can focus on the positive aspect, not the negative. Which is the fact that he will feel better,and be able to do more with us as a family.

As we have talked about before, it does make you notice people who are always negative. I am not saying I am positive all the time, but I am a work in progress. 🙂

Barb’s Letter:

(Her letter is based on a book that I gave her about the power of your thoughts, being grateful, & being able to manifest what you want into your life.)

I’ve been wanting to drop you a note for a while just to let you know how grateful I am for you. Some time ago you suggested that some of us read “The Magic” together, as a group! Not sure what happened with that plan, but your suggestion of the book stuck with me.

A few months later, a group of girlfriends and I started and actual book club and came to our first meeting with book suggestions. I recommended ‘The Magic.” Just as it came time to read it (May 2nd), I fell and broke my ankle (severely). I have been laid up ever since. Needless to say, I have had a lot of time to read and was blown away at the timing of this book.

Because of your suggestion (reaching out), my life was transformed. It was at a time when most would say was a horrible time of struggle in their life. I would have to say “this has been the most Magical time of my life!” And not only was my life transformed, but also the lives of 6 other beautiful souls!

I just wanted you to know that your little act of thoughtfulness caused a miracle! Thank you!

What amazing stories…thank you all for sharing them with us!

These are  just a few stories that I wanted to share with you today! I have so many more that I will share with you in the future! My hope for you is that you were able to see what you have already manifested into your life, either good or bad! Hopefully, you will now realize that YOU have THE POWER to create the LIFE that YOU want, you just have to have the confidence to go after it!

Take some time to DREAM BIG, FOCUS on what you WANT, be GRATEFUL for what you already have, VISUALIZE how you want it to be, & GO AFTER IT!

You are your only road block & it is time to change that!

So….be patient, persistent, & consistent & watch your live’s change! 🙂

If you are ready to change your life, find happiness, live life with gratitude & purpose, create your dreams, & start achieving them, then you’ve come to the right place!  Join me here at The Giggling Life to receive weekly tips & stories, as well many freebies to get you started on the right path!

We are a community all striving for the same thing…so let’s do this together! Sign up here to join in our fun & start changing your life! I am excited to start this journey with you all! 🙂

I would love to hear from you all!  You got this!



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