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Meet The Team

Kristi Hurley

Hi there! My name is Kristi & I am extremely passionate about living life to the fullest each & every day! I believe in seeing the good in every situation, starting each day with gratitude, filling each day with positivity, never taking one moment for granted, dreaming big, believing in my dreams, & having the power to create them!

Was I always like that? Heck no!!!  I was positive, but not like I am now!!!

My positivity came from surviving so many tragedies and traumas over the years. It was after many years of struggling, going from one tragedy to another, I knew there had to be a better way to live. I knew there was so much more to life and the hard lessons that I was learning, and I knew that I had to figure it all out! I didn't want to live in that "victum" mentality anymore and I knew that I must have a choice! That is when I became a full-time student to find ways to retrain my brain and shift my thoughts.

After many years of research, classes and training, I was able to shift my entire life, and I am so grateful that I did! Now, all of my dreams are coming true literally, one by one. I am able to share with children & adults the benefits of living life with gratitude, and all of the other tools that have enhanced my daily life so much.


Through any tragedy there can be beauty.


We may not see it for quite some time, but it will be there, you just have to learn to find it.  For me, on my journey, I found healing in being outdoors, as well as being in the presence of all of my animals. This package of unplugging, being outdoors, breathing, slowing down, and sharing time with animals became my basis of healing, not only for me, but so many others in my family.


This is where my dream of The Giggling Life Care Farm was created. I had been blogging for a couple years prior to the creation of GL, on all of the lessons that truley helped me to start changing my life, and I realized that the one key element that had been missing in my healing, was spending quality time with the animals!


As soon as I realized between the writing, the learning, putting lessons into play, AND spending time outdoors with the animals EVERYTHING CHANGED!!!!


At that point, I realized something beautiful was happening...and it felt truly amazing! I realized that all I had gone through in my life was for a reason, and it had finally all come together.


l love learning & I love helping others who are struggling or have struggled, by giving them simple steps to overcome obstacles in their lives! I have a passion for teaching children how to live a life each day with gratitude, implement daily positivism into their lives, believe in themselves, be kind, be hard workers, be respectful, use manners, communication skills, learning to dream big, believe in their dreams all in a very simplistic way...through being outdoors and being with the animals.

I truly love what I do, and am so grateful that it is so beneficial for ALL of us! I see amazing things happen here...I wish I could share all of them with you. It is PURE MAGIC!

I watch children connect with animals, and I see such incredible changes by letting them form these relationships with them, they truly can help heal our souls...even when we don’t think we need it.  The animals help us to build confidence, learn patience, communicate, and so much more!

I wish you could all experience what happens here! It is fantastic! I invite you all to visit our little Care Farm!

So...a little about me & my crazy little life in Colorado:

I have been married to my pretty amazing guy for 30.5 yrs (I am pretty sure I was 10 when we got married :))! It sure doesn’t seem possible, but time sure flies when you’re having fun!

I am a somewhat crazy mom of 4 pretty amazing kiddos ranging from 15-28 years old! I have 3 very handsome boys, one beautiful girl, a beautiful daughter in law, and a precious ganddaughter!

We are a very busy family! We love spending time together traveling, riding motorcycles, building race cars & trucks, boating, paddleboarding, skiiing, barrell racing, you name it...we pretty much do it!!! We have learned through so much misfortune that every day is a GIFT...that is why it is called the PRESENT. 

It is truly the best lesson too we don't let the grass frow under our feet! We DREAM BIG and get right after making those dreams come true all while having anamazing time together ad being grateful for every moment we spend together! I am very grateful to call this family mine as they truly have helped me to accomplish my dreams, (still accomplishing), and I help them achieve theirs!!!

I am beyond blessed in EVERY way!


I knew early on that I wanted to be able to help others in my life...but had no idea that this is how it would be! I wrote in journals as a child saying that what I do now would be my “Dream job”, and here we are! 

I went to college and received my BS in Behavioral Science, then on to attain my Master’s Degree in Education. I was very fortunate to be a stay-at-home mom and work on the side as a substitute teacher. I also taught art, as an Art Docent, throughout the district in San Diego, CA. for many years.

I co-created I Am Journey, a women's enlightenment program for the last 3 years with my amazing friend Caley Carroll and loved it! We look forward to continuing to crerate platforms to help educate and lead others when they are facing hardships, or when they are ready to lead a positive lifestyle! 


Over the last few years I went back to school for Equine Assisted Therapy and Life Coaching, and absolutely LOVE it! I see myself returning for more education soon...I am intrigued with how amazing this field is and want to become the best I can be. 

In 2022 we created Boots & Buckles 4-H progra throughh adam's County 4-H! We are thrilled to be offering LEASE Programs for kiddos to be able to learn and care for animals at ur Care Farm, without having the responsibity of hhaving to house them on their own property. We want to instill all of the amazing lesssons that 4-H matter where you live! 

4-H was very beneficial during my youth. It taught me life lessons that I may not have learned elsewhere! During the times we live in, I want to be able to help lead youth in a different way. Being outdoors, off of any type of screen, learning responsibilty, empathy, teamwork, leadership, and empathy are very important, now more than ever! Please take a look at our new club! We are thrilled about it!

My dream is to help educate and support as many people as I can through these beautiful animals and healing space that we have created here! 

Thank you for taking the time to can read more about my story in my blogs by clicking here!



Kristi Hurley

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