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Yearly Camps!

Upcoming Camps

We know that many school districts are changing their calendars this year and we know that can be very CHALLENGING for the we are going to help you all out!  

We have added MANY 1 day Camps as well as WEEK long camps in accordance with the surrounding school district can check them all out right here!

Winter Week on the Farm.png

February Camps!

Join us as we celebrate the chilly winter season here at the Farm! 


Our Winter Week on the Farm camp will be filled with all sorts of crafts, activies, creating feasts for our animls, and celebrating the winter season! 

Monday will be a very special day as it will be Vet Day with an early drop off of 9 am! We will have our wonderful vets on the farm for the check up and vacinations of all of our animals! Our vets will also be doing the amazing experience of floating all of our horses teeth! We will be getting to listen to all of our animals hearts, learn all about the anatomy of our animals, and watch our horses go to the dentist! Be sure to register for Monday and the early drop off to be apart of this amazing experience!


On the farm the winter season is a big deal as everything changes for our animals. We want to educate the kiddos on how to keep animals safe during the seasonal changes, how their diets change, bedding changes, everything CHANGES! 


We understand all of the physical aspects of the chillier months, however, we also LOVE the mental part of the changing seasons! We teach kiddos mindfulness during these changing seasons, how we can prepare for it, how we can share gratitude, and how to make the best of the upcoming months!


We can't wait for you to join us for our Winter Week!! I promise you'll LOVE it! It is FUN for ALL ages!!!

Winter Week on the Farm: February 19th-22nd - 9:30-1:30

Spring Break Farm Fun!.png

Spring Break Farm Fun!

Join us in celebrating Spring Break on the Farm!


Spring is such a fun season on the farm as there are so many changes that our animals go through as the weather starts to warm up! We have so many more activities that we are able to partake in as the weather gets warmer and our animals and us love it! We get to create new spring homes for all the animals, groom the animals, make homemade treats for the animals, and even look to starting to get our garden ready!


It is such a fun way to celebrate spring and educate the kiddos on what happens on the farm in the warmer months! As always, every lesson that we have at The Giggling Life Care Farm includes lessons of gratitude, how to believe in yourself, and how powerful your mind is.


The animals and us can't wait to celbrate the coming warm weather with you during Spring Break Farm Fun!! It will be a blast for all ages!!

Spring Break Farm Fun: April 1st-4th - 9:30-1:30

Summer Farm Fun Programs.png

Summer Camps!

Can you believe we are already planning for summer?!  We absolutely love hosting our summer camps and can't believe it is just right around the corner!!

This year we are offering a plethora of camps with two day camps, four day camps, extended day camps, horse camps, and tiny tots!

We will also be doing theme weeks throughout the summer such as rodeo week, vet week, etc! We will announce theme weeks closer to our summer dates!

Please be sure to register as soon as possible as our camps sell out very quickly and we want everyone to have the opportunity to be apart of them!

As always, we will continue to offer payment plans for our summer programs! Payment plans consist of one initial non-refundable deposit at the time of booking and will be broken up into two or three additional payments as we get closer to summer.

Hopefully this gives you all time to plan your summers and reserve your spots!

We are always open to offering payment plans for anyone who would need it!

Please contact me at 720-576-8499 OR!

We look forward to seeing you all!

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