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Become a Horse, Donkey, Steer, Sheep,
Bunny, Chicken, or Duck Guardian Today!

By becoming an animal guardian today at The Giggling Life Care Farm, you are helping us offset the costs of care for these beautiful animals, so that we can create more educational content for our programs here at our little Care Farm.

As we continue to grow and increase the amopint of animals that we have, of course our cost increase as well! Over the course of 2022 we have seen an incredible increase in our feed costs! 

One 50 lb bag of Chicken used to be $12.99 and now it is between $18.99-$21.99 and our hay prices have gone from $7.00 per bale to $14.00 per bale. Due to the increase in feed costs, we are excited to be offereing monthly Animal Sponsorships to help off-set the cost and put our money in materials to help the children continue to have amazing lessons here at the Giggling Life! 

Here are the animals for sponsorship and their monthly feed costs! I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful we are for your love and support! Every single penny helps support these amazing fur babies! That is for sure!

If you would like to make a donation instead of sponsoring. Click Here

Horses: (Rascal, Cactus, Ranger, Roper)

Monthly feed cost: $600.00

Donkeys: (Buttons, Blossom, Rojo)

Monthly Feed Cost: $300.00


Monthly Feed Cost: $200.00

Sheep: (Buttercup, Blanco, Leo, Lucy)

Monthly Feed Cost: $150.00


Monthly Feed Cost $100.00

Chickens/Ducks: 70+

Monthly Feed Cost: $325.00

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