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A Complete Guide to Figuring Out What You Really Want in Life.

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

A Complete Guide to Figuring Out What You Really Want in Life.

I have a quick question for you all.

How many of you know exactly what you want in your life right now? I am talking down to every last detail of what you want in all areas of your life? Have you ever taken the time to really think about this? What if I could share with you a free downloadable guide, that would help you to find what you really want in life, would you be interested?

Do you know what you want in life? I will tell you I had no idea!

This is a very important question! A question that you should give a lot of thought to. I know for myself and for many other parents that I have talked to, sometimes we get so caught up in our lives, working, raising our children, etc., that we never really take the time to ask ourselves what we really want in our lives. We go through our daily motions just wondering where the heck the time goes. And who would have time to think about what they really want in life?

Does this sound familiar to you?

It sure does to me! When I was asked what I REALLY wanted in life a few years back, the only answer that I could honestly answer back was, stability. How sad is that? Have any of you ever felt this way?

All I wanted was stability in the financial aspect of my life. Everything else was great in my life, my husband, children, our health, BUT…I still wasn’t able to answer the question. What did I want in my life? The key word being, I!

This brought me to a place where I had to dig a bit deeper within myself. I had to really figure out, not who I was at this point of my life, but what I wanted to do in my life. Up until this point, all I had wanted was to get married, start a family and be home with my kids. That is what I had truly desired with all of my being and that is what I had gotten.

What a great example of, “thoughts become things,” right? I had made it my mission to stay at home with my kids and even when things were crazy financially, we made that happen.

But now it was different, my kids were getting older and I was feeling as if I needed to fill my soul, in a different way. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite thing in the entire world is being a mother! But, when they are growing and need you less, you begin to desire something for yourself. At least I did anyways.

So, I started my quest of trying to find out what my passions were, what I enjoyed in my life, and what fulfilled me the most.

This was a journey that took a lot of quiet time, deep thought, soul-searching, and a bit of trial and error. Finding out what you truly want in life takes time….don’t rush it.

My good friend was in the process of trying to figure out what she wanted to do in her life, what fulfilled her the most, and it took months for the answer to surface! That is OK! Actually, this is amazing because it shows that she really kept digging deep, and going through all of the questions that I had been asking her, until she came to her answer!

That is how it is supposed to be! It is supposed to take you a while & you are expected to change your answers a few times, expand, them, and tweak them! That is exactly what you have to do throughout this process!

Before we get started with this exercise, I want you to remember how important it is to become aware of your thoughts. This alone, was one of the most life changing things that I had ever done. When I became aware of my thought patterns, and realized how I had sabotaged myself for so many years, I was terrified.

I immediately worked on changing my thoughts, which took a lot of work! However, once I did change them…my life slowly started to change! It was fascinating to me.

It was just like being on a diet and losing that first 5 pounds! You are so excited about your weight loss that you do even better on your diet to see more results, right?  AMAZING!

The more I focused on what I was grateful for and the more I focused on what I wanted in life, and the less I complained, the more my life changed!!! Just like magic. It was free and I could fix it almost instantly!

Make sure to read here if you haven’t already! You MUST become aware of those thoughts!

Next, I want you to remember to reflect on your past and where your thoughts have taken you to this point! This is also very important because you can take a look back throughout your life, and realize when you were the happiest and where your thoughts were at that point.  AND you can also see where you struggled the most and where your thoughts were at that point in your life.

It is a perfect time to take notes on your outcomes, to make sure that you don’t repeat them! This is very important before moving on to this next step! You can check out the post here!

Now, that you have reflected on your life, and have become aware of your thoughts, it is time to become aware of what you want in your life!

Remember, I had no idea where to start when I began this journey of trying to figure out what I wanted in my life. I read many books, watched many courses on this subject. Finally, I put together a guide that really helped me to sort though ideas, which led me to my end goals! I am excited to share that with you!

Here is your Complete Guide to Figuring Out What You Want in Life:

These are some of the questions from my guide that helped me to figure out what I wanted in my life! I broke down my life into several categories: Personal, Health, Career, Home, Family, Travel, Finances, Hobbies, and Spiritual.

Before we begin, I want to share with you that you do NOT have to think logically about this. DO NOT think about HOW you will get these items or fulfill these areas!

ONLY think about WHAT you WANT your life to look like. What would make you happy to the core? Think about your PERFECT life! Nothing else! This is VERY important!!!

Money and time are NO OBJECT when answering these questions below!

1. Personal/Career:

  1. Make a list of everything that you love about your life.

  2. What brings the most joy into your life?

  3. What do you enjoy doing the most?

  4. What do you find exhilarating?

  5. What drives you?

  6. What inspires you?

  7. What pushes you to be your best?

  8. What do you look forward to every single day?

  9. If money and time were not an object, what would you see yourself doing for the rest of your life?

You have to dig deep and look within to find these answers. Be patient with yourself and allow yourself quite time to think about what feeds your soul!

This is what you need to base what you want to do in your life on. Your passions, what drives you, inspires you, brings you joy, and pushes you to be better. This creates a win/win situation because if you do what you love then you will never see yourself as working a day in your life!

2. Health:

First, I want you all to take a moment to be grateful for the breath that you just took! We have to be grateful each and every day that we are alive and healthy! It is so important!

  1. What does perfect health look like to you?

  2. How does it feel to be in your idea of your perfect health?

  3. What is your perfect weight?

  4. When did you feel your best in life?

  5. What did you look like during that time?

  6. Can you remember how you felt during that point?

  7. Were you confident?

  8. Energetic?

  9. Did you feel like you could rule the world? I know I did when I was at my healthiest point! It was such an amazing feeling! It was exhilarating and I absolutely loved it!

By thinking of how I felt during these times it motivates me to get into shape and become healthier again! Also, by writing the answers to these questions down in your guide it will help you to attract these things to us!

The Complete Guide to Figuring Out What You Really Want in Life.

3. Home:

Remember: Money and time are NO objects to you!

I love this category so much, because I have been working in this area for over six years now! But, what I will tell you is that I have written down every single thing that I wanted in my home, down to every decoration AND it is ALL coming true!

It has taken time, research, dedication, positive thinking, but it is worth every second I have put into it!!! I had no idea how it would happen or when….but I put the thought in motion and it is now all happening! I am so grateful!!! So let’s get started with you…..

  1. Are you in your FOREVER home?

  2. Are you perfectly happy where you are living at this point?

  3. If not, what does your FOREVER home look like?

  4. I want you to go into detail and describe each room, the inside, the outside, the property. Take your time, get books, magazines, do research, and have fun with this! Writing it with as much detail as you possible can!

  5. What does it smell like, what does it feel like?

  6. Where is your forever home located?

Visualize yourself driving into the driveway, and walking through your front door:

  1. What do you feel like when you are in your new ‘forever home’?

  2. What comforts does it brig to you and your family?

  3. Are you calm, proud, happy, relaxed, comforted?

  4. What does that look and feel like to you?

This is so much fun! You will absolutely LOVE it! I promise! I visualize my dream home every night before go to bed, from my home, my barns, you name it, I think about it!

The Complete Guide to Figuring Out What You Really Want in Life.

4. Family:

This is another favorite for me as I LOVE my family so much! I will tell you I envisioned my family to be exactly like it is! We are crazy, we all laugh together, cry together, we love being together, vacationing together, playing together, but most of ll we love and respect one another each and every day!

What does family look like to you?

  1. When you think about your family, or starting a family how do you feel?

  2. How do you see your family interacting with one another? Are you close? Do you do things together? Do you enjoy each other?

  3. Do you have family goals? Dreams?

  4. What do you do when you are together? Do you have the same hobbies?

  5. What is the feeling you get when you are with your family? Is there laughter and excitement?

  6. Do you vacation together?

Again, make sure to go into detail on every aspect of this…write down what makes you feel good!

5. Spiritual:

  1. What makes you happy spiritually?

  2. What are your goals spiritually?

  3. What would you do to enhance your spirituality if you could?

  4. What areas do you want to become better in or more fulfilled in?

  5. What does that look like to you?

6. Travel:

Remember: Time and money are NO object!

Enjoy this part, this is so much fun!

  1. Where are your favorite places to travel to?

  2. Where would you absolutely LOVE to travel to?

  3. What cultures would you like to experience?

  4. When you visualize yourself in these places, how do you feel? Excited? Calm? Fulfilled?

  5. Why would you like to travel to these places?

  6. Would you take your family? Your spouse, friends? Who would go with you?

  7. What time of year would you go? Where would you stay?

Do research, write it all down, get pictures, hotels, etc., so that you have them for our next step! This is so much FUN!

7. Finances: This is fun!

Remember: Time and Money are NO object!

This area is very important to all of us! Most of us want to grow in this area, right? So the more detail you go in to, THE BETTER! pretend you have a million dollars, if you don’t already, to invest with etc. What does that all look like to you? Keep that in mind when you answer the questions below!

  1. What are your financial goals?

  2. How much money or how many investments would you like to have?

  3. Break it down into categories: Checking, Savings, Investments. Go into EXTREME details on each category. The more detail the better.

  4. Monthly income goals.

As soon as I did this on a regular basis, my finances turned around! I know that sounds crazy, but I started focusing on what I envisioned for my finances, instead of what I was lacking, and sure enough more started coming in!

I want you to take a moment to be truly grateful for every penny that you currently have. It doesn’t matter if it is $.76 or $76,000.00, be GRATEFUL for EVERY PENNY!!!

When you start focusing on the abundance of your money, instead of the lack of money, you will be given more opportunities to receive more! I promise!

8. Hobbies:

Remember, If time and money were NO object.

How many of you have hobbies?

  1. What do you enjoy doing?

  2. Is it outdoors, indoors?

  3. What replenishes you and energizes you?

  4. What feeds your soul?

You need to make sure to take time to replenish yourself by doing your hobbies weekly! Hobbies are SO important! Schedule time each and every week to do something that you love! I promise you will thank me later!

I know with kids, animals, a business, and a husband, I lost sight of all of my hobbies. As soon as I realized this, and started making more time for them, I immediately became less stressed and more fulfilled!

So everyone, I want you all to start here by downloading my FREE Guide To Finding Out What You Want In Your Life! Take your time and fill out every section at your own pace! Remember it takes time and effort but the payoff is huge!

I want you to take a deep breath and think of this really quick. If I continually say, ‘thoughts become things,’ then we need to be very clear on what we want in life ad continue to focus on that!

It is like planning a road trip. How many of you just get in to the car and start driving without knowing where you’ll end up? It doesn’t seem very smart does it? How will you get to you destination if you don’t where you are going?

This is EXACTLY the same thing!!! How will you get what YOU WANT IN LIFE, without knowing what you want in life???

So let’s get started!

Start right here, you are worth it! You truly deserve every single thing that you want in your life!  And the beauty of it is, what feeds your soul can also feed everything else in your life!

When I became dedicated and committed to this guide, everything start changing in my life, my finances, my home, travel, etc. By taking the time to write everything down in detail, it will bring power to what you want in life. It will help start putting things in motion for you, I promise!

The more you speak it, the more you dream it, the more you think it, the more it will become. Don’t worry about how it will become, just be grateful that it is on its’ way!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to be with us today!!! I am excited for all that will be coming your way, between courses, eBooks, FB Groups, etc! I can’t wait!!!

Neville Goddard once stated, “If you can feel what you want, it will harden into reality.” You must be quiet and still, you must give yourself time so that inspiration can come to you.

We have a lot of new things coming to you all soon and it is going to be AMAZING, I am so excited to share them all with you!!!

Thanks so stopping by! Much love to you all!



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