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10 Reasons Why It Is Important to Dream.

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

10 Reasons Why It Is Important to Dream Big.

Do you remember having amazing dreams & goals as a child? I certainly do! I had grand visions of being a rodeo star, singer, actor, you name it, I wanted to be it! 🙂  

It was an amazing feeling & I really believed with all of my heart that I could be all of those things! It seems as we get older we lose sight of our dreams, which is absolutely wrong! So today I want to share with you 10 reasons why it is so important to dream.

Did you think that way when you were younger? Having those incredible feelings that you could do ANYTHING that you wanted to do? 🙂

I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up! It fascinates me because I love the excitement of their responses & the look in their eyes when they explain what they will be! When they respond, they are so confident in their answers! They have NO doubt in their mind, how beautiful is that? 🙂

My 9-year-old daughter (now 14) wants to be a teacher, a country singer on The Voice, & own her own business! Which makes me smile! I never want her to lose that fire that she has & I know that she can do whatever she puts her mind to! 🙂

When did we lose the ability to dream big? It seems the older we got, the more the magic of dreaming was taken away from us. We were told to start being realistic about our dreams. Start planning for the future by looking into colleges & take the path that is safe, known, & proven.

Can anyone relate to this? Where does the doubt come from & why do we put limits on ourselves & our children? Why does everything need to be safe or proven? We are we taking their dreams away & squelching ours at the same time?

The most successful people in the world have taken the road less traveled. The road that is not safe or known. They have followed their dreams & stayed true to their passions, which in turn, has helped so many others & created the life they have always dreamed of having!

Can you imagine what we all could accomplish if we just kept the belief that we could achieve anything we wanted to, & followed our dreams?

I have studied the powerful benefits of dreaming for many years & I have found between the Huffington Post, Forbes, NBC News, Business Magazine, etc. the percentage of people who follow & live out their dreams is less than 6%. That is absurd!

That leaves us asking the question “why?”. Here is what I found regarding why people stop following their dreams or stop dreaming all together!

5 Reasons why people don’t follow their dreams:

1. FEAR.

I found this to be the #1 reason! As we get older & realize the work that is entailed in following our dreams, we become scared. Scared to the point of which it paralyzes us & we start second guessing ourselves.

Have you ever started something that you were thrilled about, you knew it was your life’s purpose, but hit road blocks along the way, so you stopped it all together? That is what FEAR does to us.

It is something we HAVE to get over in order to achieve or goals & live out our dreams! 

2. Easier path.

When life becomes challenging & fear mixes in with our dreams, we tend to gravitate to an easier path. Everyone of us has done this! We decide to take that road MORE traveled because it is less scary.

Isn't that right?

3. There has to be a better time, now it is just too hard.

Have you ever thought that?  Now is not the right time, we need to wait!

The problem with that is that there is NEVER a perfect time. Life happens, & always will. You need to make the decision & draw a line in the sand to move forward or else you NEVER will.

4. It is too hard, to time consuming.

This is true! Anything worth pursuing will be challenging, but in the end it will be the most rewarding accomplishment ever! I compare this to childbirth ladies 🙂 .

We go through 9 months of craziness, hours of childbirth, which is such a painful but rewarding experience, to receive the most beautiful gift ever….a beautiful baby!

There is nothing different with achieving your dreams! It is worth every second! 🙂

5. You listen to others.

So true! I have lived this experience! You are thrilled about what you are doing & you become eager to share it with others, only to hear “you’re doing what?”! It automatically puts you on the defensive & has you second guessing what you are doing!

If it is YOUR dream then PURSUE IT….you don’t need to have everyone else’s approval! It isn’t THEIR dream, it is YOURS! 🙂

I want you all to sit for 15-30 minutes without any distractions. Somewhere quiet & somewhere that calms you. We all have somewhere that we can go to get away from the craziness! 🙂

Grab a cup of coffee, glass of wine, or drink of your choice, a piece of paper, a pen & find that special quiet spot! 🙂

Next, I want you to answer the question “What would I do with my life if money were no option?”.

This is such an  important question because it truly connects you with your soul & what you are truly passionate about!

Everyone has something that they are passionate about doing in their lives. Things that we thrive in while we are doing them, things that make us completely happy. I want you to write them down. Then I want you to write down your dreams next to them. Are they related to one another? If so, you NEED to find a way to pursue them! 🙂

This is very important! Please take some time by yourself, to really reflect on your life, & do this exercise because it can CHANGE your life! When you take the time to realize your dreams & start focusing on them daily, they start to cultivate which is when the MAGIC happens! I will explain why…..

Here are 10 reasons why becoming connected to your dreams & passions is so important for you to do!

10 reasons why taking the time to dream BIG is so important:

1. It connects you to your inner-self!

This is where the magic happens! When you connect with what your passionate about & what drives you, the sky is the limit.

Dreaming BIG while stirring your souls compassion’s are a recipe for success! No matter what…you can ALWAYS do what you love & earn an income while doing it!

Take the time to know what your passionate about, write it down, & start dreaming about all of the things that you can do. It is fun & rewarding for your whole family! 🙂

2. It helps you focus on the positives instead of the negatives in life!

We can all agree that life has its challenges, right? When you have a big enough dream it helps you to stay focused on achieving that goal & dream instead of all of negativity that can swirl around you! When you focus on the good, you receive more good! It is so powerful! 🙂

3. It gives you purpose.

Life is a constantly changing, but having dreams that you are so connected with gives you the power to chase them & to never give up. When you have a purpose so big it exudes onto others which inspires others to find their passions & dreams. It exciting to see this happen! 🙂

4. Drives you.

I learned this from my personal experiences. When the economy had crashed in ’09 my husband’s architectural business was dying. My only choice was to go into the network marketing industry to earn money.

I found this to be one of the scariest things I had ever done, but also the most rewarding! I learned so much about overcoming FEARS & OBJECTIONS. It was life-changing!It was an experience I wish everyone had a chance to take!

I learned first hand that by having a dream BIG enough that it drove me past my fears & objections right to the top of accomplishing my dreams! Let those dreams be so powerful that they drive you to succeed! I know you can! 🙂

5. Promotes growth!

Holy cow does it ever! This is the most exciting part of dreaming big! Self growth is powerful, fun, & will change your life forever!

I promise that when you start growing it will open doors & opportunities will come knocking! YOU are WORTH it! As soon as you take the time to invest in yourself you will be that much closer to achieving your dreams! It is very exciting! 🙂

6. Makes you focus.

What you focus on you receive! This pertains to everything in life! If you focus on the negative you WILL receive more negativity, if you focus on your DREAMS you will get closer to your achieving your DREAMS!

So each & every day, you need to take the time to do SOMETHING that takes you closer to your goal. Whether it is making phone calls, doing research, writing, just DO SOMETHING! I promise each little step will pay off in the end! 🙂

7. Makes it easier to take action. 

This is so true! If you have a dream that your so passionate & connected with it makes it so much easier for you to take action & overcome any obstacles! So when you are figuring out your dreams, make sure that they are big enough to MOVE you. 🙂

8. Declaration to yourself.

By taking the time to write out your dreams it becomes a declaration to yourself in what you really want out of life. What a powerful thing to do!

When your pen meets paper their is instantly a connection that is powerful & bonding so make sure it is TRULY what YOU want, not what someone ELSE wants for you! Make the declaration to yourself that you will accept nothing but what you are passionate about & connects you with your dreams! 🙂

9. Forces you to be more creative.

This is BEAUTIFUL because the more creative you become on achieving your dream the more you will receive! The creative process is so beneficial to you because it opens your mind, helps you to work harder, & opens many doors that may not have opened before! 🙂

10. Teaches your children & others that it is GOOD to dream BIG!

For sure, this is one of my favorites!

We have to stop telling our kids that their dreams are not achievable! We may not say those words directly to them but we infer it by helping them find other choices! The key is to find what we are all passionate about & driven by & follow that!

This is something we ALL need to start doing together! Everything is achievable if you put your mind to it, your passionate about it, it makes you happy, & you have someone’s support! The sky is the limit, I know firsthand, so it is time to start changing the world by believing it! 🙂

Together we can change the world in such a positive way if we all start DREAMING & BELIEVING in our dreams! This is powerful & helps us stay healthy & connected with our souls desires.

Dreaming is CHALLENGING but more REWARDING than ever! 🙂

I challenge all of you over the next 7 days to write down your dreams! I ALWAYS have is a special place to write all of my dreams in! I use fun, inspirational journals that help keep me motivated! I keep them close and read through them weekly to see how I am progressing towards my goals! 🙂 

When you are writing your dreams down, make them so BIG that they move you! Fear will be something that we will overcome together….so change that fear to excitement. Feel those butterflies in your stomach, the excitement in your mind, that is what living is all about!

Remember, nothing is unreachable. We are more powerful than you could ever imagine so DREAM BIG everyone YOU ARE WORTH IT!  🙂

If you are ready to change your life, find happiness, live life with gratitude & purpose, create your dreams, & start achieving them, then you’ve come to the right place!  Join me here at The Giggling Life to receive weekly tips & stories, as well many freebies to get you started on the right path!

We are a community all striving for the same thing…so let’s do this together! Sign up here to join in our fun & start changing your life!

I am excited to start this journey with you all! 🙂

I would love to hear from you all!  You got this!



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