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5 Quick and Effective Ways To Enhance Your Relationship.

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

5 Quick and Effective Ways To Enhance Your Relationship.

I love the topic of relationships! Whether they are new, old, or right in the middle, I love talking about them! Here at The Giggling LIfe, we have been talking about changing our lives through our thoughts, so I figured now would be a great time to share with you 5 quick and effective ways to enhance your relationship.

If you are looking for big or small changes in your life you are definitely at the right place! We are always dedicating our time to making sure that we create the life that we really want and deserve! 

So far, we have taken that first step in changing our lives by becoming aware of our THOUGHTS!

Who knew it could be so easy, right? Well….it is! It is FREE and something that we can practice on our own, each and every day! I have to put a disclosure in here real quick…it is FREE, but NOT so easy!

With thousands of thoughts going through our mind each and every minute, it can be a bit challenging to tame them. BUT it IS possible, and when we do, our lives change quickly!

If you are not up to speed with our blog, you can get caught up on the past two posts that introduce the important steps in becoming aware of your thoughts right here.

I promise it will be worth your time to read over them! Especially, if you are looking to change your life in ANY way! YOU MUST start with changing YOUR THOUGHTS!

With that being said we are going to talk about the topic of relationships! Relationships are super important in our life, because whether it is your spouse, partner, friend, family member,  we are going to ALWAYS have relationships with someone, right?

If that is the case we better learn to make them the very best that we can! It certainly makes things more enjoyable, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

I love talking about enhancing relationships, because my husband and I have been married almost 30 years and man have I learned a lot over that period of time!

So many highs and lows throughout those years, but all-in-all, we have been very, very lucky! We have learned so much through all of the tragedies and losses that we have shared together. It truly has made us stronger than ever, and made us appreciate one another so incredibly much. Even through those darker times.

I wrote about our story and the 10 ways that have kept our marriage strong, you can read it here if you would like!

Today, I want to share with you 5 quick and effective ways to enhance your relationship in a short amount of time!

1. Take time to be grateful for one another each and every day!

I personally, know that this can be challenging at times.

BUT….it is extremely important to focus on this! We all know that every relationship has its’ ups and downs, however, when you focus on the what you are grateful for in your partner, instead of what you are annoyed at, your most likely to start feeling better about that situation immediately!

If you read my blog, you already know that I am a huge believer in, “thoughts are things!” So what you are thinking about will get bigger. It is just a matter of time! So choose carefully what you want to dwell on! Does that make sense?

Every morning, I start the day with being grateful for another day, being healthy, having my healthy family, and my HUSBAND! NO matter how I may be feeling towards him, I am ALWAYS so grateful for him!!!

It is the perfect way to start each day, because it sets the tone for the day! By doing this I always attract more to be grateful for! Especially, when it comes to relationships!

2. You MUST look at and focus on your partner’s good qualities, NOT their bad!

This is a run off of what we had just said above. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative aspects in life, right? Especially with our partners! Society focuses on the negatives in life. The news, the media, everywhere you look there is news on what is going wrong in the world. Do you agree?

This is why I have stopped watching any of it! There is SO much GOOD in the world too, but no one wants to see it!

Well, I do want to see it and I choose to focus on it each and every day! I choose it with the world, my community, my relationships with friends, family, and especially my husband!

We all make the same effort each day, to either watch the negatives or positives, so why not choose the positives?

When it comes to relationships what do you focus on throughout the day? How many of you have had some of these thoughts? (I know I have!) 😉

  1. My partner is such a slob!

  2. They NEVER clean up after themselves!

  3. They work TOO much.

  4. They are NEVER home.

  5. They SPEND too much.

  6. They are crabby.

  7. They don’t make enough money.

  8. ETC.

Most of us have had those thoughts a few times, I am sure! It is SO easy to get caught up in complaining about EVERYTHING. Complaining is so much easier than looking at your partner’s good qualities! But it is so much more damaging!

The more we focus on their negative qualities the MORE THEY WILL GROW! Have you ever realized that? Have you ever had a situation that you dwelled on constantly, only to see it grow out of control? That is what I am talking about here.

So instant of making that mental list of things that drive you CRAZY, replace it with things that you LOVE or ENJOY about your partner!

As you start doing this exercise you will literally start feeling your blood pressure go down. I know, because I have done it several times! 🙂

I really want you to practice this every single day and write your list of what you LOVE about your partner in a journal or a piece of paper! As you become more aware of what bothers you, you will be more aware to change those thoughts to ones that you are grateful for.

This one exercise is SO important and can make such a positive impact on your relationship. I promise.

Always remember that we are two individuals in one relationship. Everyone is different and has their own way of doing  things, but that is what makes relationships beautiful! Celebrate and appreciate your differences!

3. Dream together!

This is so much fun!!! I always do this over date night, when it is just the two of us! We use that time alone to go over our dreams, really start creating them in our minds, and talking about how we can achieve them! It is so powerful and really brings you both together!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your dreams are as long as they are your dreams TOGETHER!

Also, it does NOT matter if you can afford those dreams right now, that is NOT the point! The point is that you are both focused on something together, and that you have something to look forward to together!

Talk about strengthening a bond! That will do it! It is pretty amazing, and one of our very favorite things to talk about!

This step goes right along with goal setting. You honestly have to use them together. Once you really know what you want in your lives, then you can start setting goals in order to achieve them.

4. Set goals together!

I LOVE this! There is nothing better than setting a goal together and achieving it!

My husband and I worked together for a few years in an industry that was very fast paced and challenging. Although it was very scary at times, it was such an amazing experience because we were able to set so many financial, and family goals together, and when we achieved them we became unstoppable!

This was something we didn’t even know we had in ourselves. What an incredible lesson for all of us to learn. Goal setting as a couple only brings you closer together, as you are able to work on things that you BOTH want to achieve. You learn to love, support, and encourage one another in a whole new way!

I want you to set a time where the two of you can talk about and set your goals together! You’ll love it!  I promise! Take your time and create some smaller goals and once you achieve those, move onto larger ones!

This is exactly how you will be able to reach your dreams, by achieving small goals, a little at a time! It just sets you up for success!

5. Celebrate one another!

Ahhh…..this is SO awesome! You MUST celebrate one another!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, you actually don’t have to spend any at all! We have the best time celebrating each other right here in our home, with our kids, friends and family!

We turn off our all electronics except for our music, we make dinner, talk, have a glass of wine, sometimes we dance around our kitchen, and sometimes we just talk and dream.

BUT…we ALWAYS take the time to celebrate one another! ALWAYS!

You have to reminisce on how you met, what attracted you to one another and try to relive those moments! My son is engaged to a beautiful young lady, and I love watching their relationship develop. It reminds me of my husband and I when we were younger and they are fun to be around! There love for one another is contagious!

Celebrate what you have to be grateful for each day. Celebrate the qualities that you love in one another! Celebrate the fact that you live in this country and are able to create any dream that you want. Celebrate that you can AND will achieve those goals that you set together!

There is always SO much to celebrate! Life is short, time is PRECIOUS! So take it all in and see the beauty in it all. We have the power to decide whether our life is beautiful or not, both options take the same amount of energy, so remember to choose wisely!

Always remember, “thoughts are things.” Make sure to think about that often to monitor where your thoughts are!

5 Quick and Effective Ways To Enhance Your Relationship.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, a perfect way to share your love for one another is to share with them 10 things that you absolutely LOVE about them! Really take some time to think about it and share it with them! They will love it! I promise! We don’t express our love often enough and we should!

To help you all out, I have created and attached a Downloadable Valentine’s Letter just for you!!! It makes it all even easier! See, I am looking out for you all!  5 Quick and Effective Ways To Enhance Your Relationship + 10 Reasons Why I Love You!

Thanks so stopping by! Much love to you all!



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