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Soul Callings: Living Your Dreams or Jumping off a Cliff

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Soul Connection

I am thrilled to be discussing the importance of dreaming with you all once again! Dreaming is such an important aspect of life, one that we should NEVER give up on. If we give up on our dreams, then essentially, we are giving the chance to live our lives at our fullest potential!

I have had many discussions with a lot of you regarding my last post 10 Reasons Why It Is Important To Dream. It seems as though it got your minds turning & may have prompted you all to start dreaming again. I certainly hope so! We should always stay true to our dreams & we should teach our children to do the same. They learn from watching us so it is important ALWAYS remember that! 🙂

As I am writing today the funniest thing has happened. One year ago today, exactly, I was writing in Cabo for the very first time with the intention of starting a blog & writing my books. This picture came up on my Facebook Memories today! This is where the MAGIC started! Amazing! 🙂

Soul Connections


How powerful is that? I did not plan it by any means, but I know it is more of an indication that I am on the right track! I had to share that with you! 🙂

My amazing friend Kirsten Yuhl-Torres has been on this journey with me & has seen everything unfold before her eyes! She is actually the one who gave me the idea to blog! I am so grateful for her for so many reasons! 🙂

In the future I will be adding a section to my blog called “Kirsten & Kristi’s Conversations”. We have learned so much from one another over the years & are looking forward to sharing some of the deepest & funniest conversations with you. We are hoping that it will be inspiring to you, & show that we are “real people” & have the same “obstacles” as you all. I can’t wait! 🙂

The month of August I will be talking a lot about dreaming, goal setting, & how to make your dreams come true. I hope you will follow along with here as it will be a very powerful month! 🙂

Now, I want you to all to enjoy a guest post from my dearest friend Kirsten! She is on a journey of over coming obstacles & putting her dreams into action & it is absolutely thrilling to watch! Yes, there have been amazing moments & downright crazy ones too! How we react to these moments are what defines us & makes us who we are!

I hope you enjoy her story of dreaming as it is truly amazing & powerful! Happy reading everyone! Dream BIG & learn from her…she is amazing! 🙂

Thank you Kirsten for sharing your amazing journey with us! 🙂

Soul Callings: Living Your Dreams or How to Jump off a Cliff

By: Kirsten Yuhl-Torres

I was so inspired by Kristi’s post on July 22, 2017, that I asked if I could add to it. You see, my life is shifting in dramatic ways. I am on the edge of jumping off of the cliff and living my dreams or of crawling back into the box of the job I have held for over twenty years. It is scary but my dreams are an undeniable calling within my soul. They surface at every turn: they wake me up at 3:00 a.m., they pop into my head at the most unusual times (when I’m in the shower, when I’m out to dinner with my husband, even when I am driving to a job interview) and they tug at me constantly like a small child as I do my daily chores. This is how I know that my dreams are real.

But, how do you begin to live your dreams when “real life” is all around you and survival is at hand? Well, it’s not easy but this is the real work of our lives: to live our purpose. Fortunately, there is a road-map of sorts and Kristi and I have been sharing this road-map with each other, and now you, as we take our journeys toward our dreams.

The points that Kristi touched on in her July 22nd blog are part of that road-map and I want to restate them because they are THAT important to this process:

Get “real” with yourself. 

What are your dreams? There is a calling inside of you and it is real. Sometimes we have difficulty hearing that calling because the distractions of life get in the way and this is where setting aside time for quiet reflection is important because it allows us to get in touch with a deeper part of ourselves: that part where our dreams lie.

Take action.

Write down your thoughts, your dreams, what you see yourself doing. Taking action sets something magical in motion. One night while out to dinner with my husband, my dreams overtook me like a pot of hot water boiling over. I, literally, wiped them up with a napkin. Several years later, I piloted those ideas in several schools and now I am on the verge of setting a business in motion. All from writing down some ideas on a napkin!

Set your course.

If we want to go to a specific destination, we don’t get in the car and randomly drive. We set our course. We have a destination and we plan how we will get there. This is the same principle in our lives. If we want to achieve our dreams, we have to set them as our destination and plan our trip. Yes, there may be roadblocks or detours along the way but those “obstacles” are always there for a reason: a reason that will allow us to grow and that will enhance the journey.

Gather your resources.

When we face obstacles or have doubts or fears, we need friends who will be there for us/with us. Know who your friends are: those who will be in your corner.  Share your journey. Walk your dreams together. This is how Kristi started her blog. This is how my business is starting.

As I walk along the tightrope of survival and “jumping off of the Cliff of Dreams,” I am grateful for every experience that has brought me to this point. I am especially grateful for the wonderful friends I have met along the way and who are still part of my life (some even decades later). I am grateful to be part of this community of people who are sharing this journey together. Dream Big, Kirsten

Thanks so much for sharing!

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