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Tiny Tots Farm Fun Program

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Class Overview

Our Tiny Tots Program resembles our After School Farm Fun Program as well as our Summer Program except this program is our “tiny tots” from 18 months to 5 years. Our Tiny Tots will be introduced to a wide variety of animals, where they learn to how to interact with and care for animals, pet and even lightly groom the animals! It is so beneficial to start at a young age! There truly is so much fun and learning to be done!

This Program Includes:

  • Exploring the farm

  • Meet and greet with the animals

  • Feed treats and have animal interaction

  • Story time with animals

  • Art

  • Bunny Bowl

  • Practicing the alphabet

  • Practice in counting

  • Singing

  • Preschool lessons on the farm

All lessons here at the Giggling Life Care Farm include lessons of gratitude, being positive and kind. This experience has been designed to let children explore animals, nature, and have fun on the farm in a safe, comfortable learning environment.

Children will gain a knowledge of animals, how to interact with them, a different level of love, kindness, communication, relationships, and so much more!

Being able to be around these different animals is very therapeutic and grounding environment for children of all ages!

How It Works

When children arrive, we explore the farm all together, meet and greet the animals, pet and lightly brush the animals, share a story either in the Bunny Bowl or with the donkey’s, create a small art project, then it is time for goodbyes!

Parents are welcome to stay as we have seating available for everyone!

Pricing Tiny, Tiny Tots

Tiny, Tiny Tots Program (18-36 Months)

Our 18-36 month old program is our Tiny, Tiny Tots Program. A great way to introduce farm animals to the little ones! We do all of the same activities as listed above, however, it is just in 1 hour increments!

Our Tiny, Tiny Tots Program are 4 Week, 1 hour programs, 1 day per week on Monday's from 8:30am - 9:30am.

*Drop In's are available upon registration for $30.00 per day.

  • NEW dates COMING SOON!!!

You can sign up below on our Calender!

1 Child - $100.00 / 4 Weeks
2 Children - $90/ 4 Weeks
3 Children - $90.00 / 4 Weeks

We are always open to offering payment plans for anyone who would need it!

Please contact me at 720-576-8499 OR!

We look forward to seeing you all.

Can’t wait to meet your little ones!

Contact me for dates and times! Email me at or call

at 720-576-8499.

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