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Yearly Camps!

Join us for Farm FUN ALL year long! Here are the details!

Upcoming Camps

We know that many school districts are changing their calendars this year and we know that can be very CHALLENGING for the we are going to help you all out!  

We have added MANY 1 day Camps as well as WEEK long can check them all out right here!


Come join us on the Farm for a special day or week of FUN!

We will be learning ALL about Fall, the meaning of fall, harvesting, what that means for farmers, animals, crops, etc! 


We will have fun creating some Fall Nature Art, fall recipes with items from our garden, learning about proper housing and care for the upcoming Fall months, and MORE!

And... of course will be feeding the animals, grooming them, getting to know them, and just having so much fun!


It is a great way to spend the day... come join us!

Harvest Week on the Farm: Oct. 16-20th - 9:30-1:30 (with the option to add an extra hour until 2:30)



This is a very hands-on program and was designed for children of all ages to work together in completing every day tasks on the farm, all while teaching them very important life skills!


The kids ill be learning to groom, lead, take care of, halter, saddle, and ride the horses. My staff and I are very passionate about teaching mindset along with equine that is what my training has been about.


We love watch kids work with horses, I believe they truly have such an amazing way of teaching and healing us. I am thrilled to offer these programs for all of you!


Harvest Week Riding Camp on the Farm: Oct. 16, 17, 19th - 9:30-1:30

Holiday Donkey_edited.jpg


Join us as we celebrate an amzing Holiday season here at the Farm! 


We will be be creating feasts for the animals, decorating the farm for some Holiday FUN, making gifts, drinking hot chocolate, decorating cookies, riding horses, and MORE!


It is a PERFECT way to spend time on Thanksgiving Break!! Farm, friends, and sooooo much FUN!


Join us this Holiday season!!! I promise you'll LOVE it! It is FUN for ALL ages!!!


Horses, Hot Chocolate, & Holiday Cheer: Nov. 20-23rd - 9:30-1:30

Holiday Fun on the Farm: Dec. 2, 9, 16, 22, 23, 26, 27th - 10:00-1:00

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