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6 Ways That Living With Gratitude Has Changed My Life.

6 Ways That Living With Gratitude Has Changed My Life.

If you have read any of my posts you will know that I love the topic of gratitude. In every post I mention gratitude at some point. I guess I am over the top about this subject because it really changed everything for me. Today, I want to explain to you 6 ways that living with gratitude has changed my perception of life.

This post will be short, sweet, but very important.

I get asked why I am passionate about gratitude a lot, & actually I am pretty sure that some may even think that I am a little crazy. Which I am, but that’s OK. 🙂 I believe learning about gratitude & implementing it into my life changed the course in which I was going, & really changed my life for the better.

I have gone through many obstacles in my life, as many of us have. From the loss of my brother, many friends & family passing, my home recently burning, etc….things that really test you in life. What I have learned through those tests is that being grateful for every moment & every single thing that you have, can help you heal so that you can see the beauty in any situation.

10 years ago when I stumbled across this subject of gratitude, I became somewhat obsessed by it & thank goodness that I did. You can read through some of my past blog posts here to understand why.

I became so focused on implementing it into my life because I gained comfort from it. The more I realized what I had to be grateful for, the more I felt alive, loving, & it gave me hope. I loved that feeling!

So…I have studied it & tried my best to make it a part of each & every hour of my day for the last 10 years. It has been challenging & overwhelming at many times. Many of my friends whom have heard me cry or seen me at my worst know that I am on a learning journey, & this takes time. But, it is time well spent & a journey worth taking!

My wish for everyone would be for them to understand the depths of how gratitude changes everything in your life! Unfortunately, most of us learn about gratitude from suffering a tragedy. I don’t want this for any of you! This is why I have implemented the 7 Day Gratitude Challenge. Little steps that if used every day, creates a pattern in your life, which in time, creates results & changes your life.

Today, I want to share with you 6 ways that living life with gratitude has changed my perception of life:

1. I am able to see the good in all situations.

This is how it is supposed to be, right? However, think about different circumstances that have arisen in your life. Are you able to see the good right away? Most of us are programmed to see the negative side of a situation first.

For example, lets talk about getting a flat tire. It is somewhat of a pain, right? It can take a while to fix, mess with your routine, cause you to be late, etc. No one likes to hassle with it, right?

I used to complain about situations like this but now I am able to let it go. My perception has changed & I am able to find things that I am grateful for in that situation. Either, I am grateful that I am safe, I am grateful it is only a tire, I must have needed a break, this will make for a good story, etc. Whatever the case may be there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for! Always!!!

2. I enjoy everything so much more!

This is one of my favorite benefits of truly living a life of gratitude! When you are grateful for ALL of the tiny things in your life on a DAILY basis then you are able to unlock that power of gratitude & life becomes so rich & full.

Everything is vibrant. Laughter, love, friendships, parenting, communicating, material or non material things become more even more amazing. Your emotions become more rich & powerful & I feel your connections with others becomes more enhanced.

6 Ways That Living With Gratitude Has Changed My Life.

3. You make the time to see the beauty in life.

Something I noticed within myself is that I am able to slow down & take in the beauty of each day. Before I used to enjoy the days but at the same time I took them for granted. I always just expected more days like that to follow. Once I started being grateful for each day that I was given I started noticing the beauty within each day.

The incredible sunrise, the color in the clouds, the trees, my view of the mountains, how majestic horses are, how the sound of children playing is so soothing, how comforting music can be, etc. Honestly, I could write about this forever because everything is beautiful in its’ own way.

4. I am so much more present.

This is so important! The reason I can see the beauty in everything is because I have become more present. Our lives go by so incredibly fast that we need to slow down & really take a good look at what is going on right now! So often, I get caught up in what needs to be done, instead of what is happening right now, & miss out on precious moments because I am focusing on the wrong things!

Our children grow up within minutes, literally, so please don’t miss out on that precious time! Be present, you’ll thank yourselves later, I promise! 🙂

5. I realize that collecting moments is so much more important than collecting things!

We only live once & when you become aware of how many things you have to be grateful for, you really focus on collecting moments instead of things! I always remind myself that when I pass away, I can’t take my things with me but I CAN take my memories with me. It always reminds me to be present, be grateful & focus on the moment!

6 Ways That Living With Gratitude Has Changed My Life.

6. I enjoy my friends & family more!

We all know that sometimes in life we can be so busy that we don’t realize how much we really appreciate the people in our lives. Slow down & look at how these relationships really enhance your life. Skip over the negatives, if there are any & just focus on what you love about each of them. You will find when you focus on the positives, you’ll get more positives to be grateful for!

If you have been reading my posts you’ll see the recurring theme…’what you focus on you get more of’ & ‘thoughts are things!

Now that I know this I take the time to really listen to my friends & family, watch them smile, see them laugh, celebrate them, love them, & really collect all of the moments that I can with them. You never know when your time here will be done, so I want to savor everything because I don’t want to have any regrets in the future.

These are just some of the major ways that living with gratitude has been able to enhance my life. I am hoping that you all have had a chance to take the 7 Day Gratitude Challenge. If not, I hope that you take the time to share it with your friends & family as just the little changes in life can make such a HUGE difference!

If we all just had a little more gratitude for what we have, where we have come from, our friends, families, lessons learned, etc. we would all be  happier & more appreciative of this beautiful world that we live in. It is my hope that by sharing my posts & stories of gratitude that it will help spread the word about how powerful it can be & how it could change our lives, our community, & our world.

You will not only receive your free PDF download, but you will be the first to receive new information, new events, & posts before everyone else. I have a lot of amazing things coming your way & I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

If you enjoyed your reading today & are looking to enhance your lives then subscribe to The Giggling Life for tips, stories, & upcoming events on how to do just that!

We are a community all striving for the same thing…so let’s do this together! Sign up here to join in our fun & start changing your life! I am excited to start this journey with you all! 🙂

Much love to you all!

You got this!



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