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Home School Enrichment Program


About our Program

We are now thrilled to be starting our fourth year of programs in January! We have so much fun and it has been a complete joy to watch these children learn and interact with the animals! The things that they learn in this program are amazing, however, the things tat I have learned from are even MORE incredible!!!

We have learned that sharing our amazing herd of horses, donkeys, our steer, rabbits, chickens, ducks, sheep, with children and adolescents, has such a positive impact on them both! It truly has been an exceptional process and touching to be able to experience!

We have something very special here, and we are thrilled to be able to share it with you all!


With the last few years of many unknowns, we have truly been watching children release many of their fears, and feelings regarding the changes we have all had to overcome. It has been incredible to watch the children laugh, giggle, run, relax, and really just enjoy our old-fashioned farm fun!

After talking to many amazing families, we realized the importance of including homeschooling programs to our little farm! We realized that this is a very needed program for EVERYONE! Now more than ever!

What is This Program About

This is a very hands on program and was designed for children of all ages to work together in completing every day tasks on the farm, all while teaching them very important life skills!

It is a great way for children and adolescents to learn how to interact with one another, the animals, care for themselves and the animals, have discipline, kindness, respect, build trust, independence, relationships, patience, while empowering your child to find and nurture their passions, all through laughter, fun, farm animals, and the beauty of the outdoors.

All projects will be done outside in the pasture, while learning about how to properly interact with, take care of, exercise, groom, and love our ducks, chickens, dogs, rabbits, cats, ponies, miniature donkeys, a steer, horses, miniature sheep and YES our newest addition Stella the beautiful donkey!

We create a very safe place for children to work the earth and animals with their hand while healing the mind and body through agricultural and animal based activities.  


Every lesson that we have at The Giggling Life Care Farm includes lessons of gratitude, how to believe in yourself, and how powerful your mind is.

The kids absolutely love this responsibility and this is where life gets pretty awesome! They begin to build confidence, trust, love, build relationships, respect and all of the aspects above. It is truly the most rewarding and therapeutic process that I know of.

Activities Include:

  • Meet and greet with the animals

  • Farm manners

  • Learn proper interaction skills with the animals

  • How to properly feed all animals

  • How to clean their stalls

  • How to groom each animal

  • How to exercise the animals

  • Watering the animals and plants

  • Relationship building with the animals

  • Trust exercises with the animals

  • Children will learn anatomy of each animal, breeds, etc.

  • Coaching exercises with animals on how to overcome obstacles, build confidence, trust, patience, and much more!

  • Equine Spa Day


  • How to overcome challenges

  • Trust

  • Relationship skills

  • Discipline

  • Work ethic

  • Confidence

  • Listening skills

  • Joy

  • Build Independence

  • Happiness

  • Calming

  • Motivating

  • Rewarding

  • Important life skills.

  • Teaches patience.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.

Home School Enrichment Program Pricing

Class Schedule:

Monday 10:00am - 1:00pm (3 Hour Class)

Tuesday 10:00pm - 12:00pm (2 Hour Class)

Horseback Riding (4 Lessons): - $100.00 Extra

Horseback Riding (2 Lessons): $50.00 Extra

We are always open to offering payment plans for anyone who would need it!

Please contact me 720-576-8499 OR!

We look forward to seeing you all.

Can’t wait to meet your little ones!

The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
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The Giggling Life Farm
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