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Horseback Riding

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About our Program

Here at the Giggling Life Care Farm, we offer horseback riding with a twist! The one thing that we truly believe in is educating our students on the entire process of how to interact with, care for, and own a horse. Whether that is something you see in your future, or not, is a great lesson for all kiddos to learn.

Each lesson with Mr. Ron, our trainer, will teach you and your child how to be comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable about the horse you are partnering with and with yourself! You will learn how to groom, lead, tack, and ride!!! Mr. Ron has many years of experience and can read the rider very well, which means he knows when they are ready to advance or when they need to take more time to be comfortable. Safety is always our number one focus!

Horseback riding is so much more than most people know. It teaches you life long skills that can help you in your everyday life. I would love it if EVERY child learned the basic fundamentals of riding as I believe they would be more compassionate, confident, and patient!

All of our programs are laced with a positive mindset training and gratitude….so of will get that within your horseback lesson as well! They sure go hand in hand!!!

Pricing Horseback Riding

We would love for you to schedule your times to ride with us!

You can do so below!

30 Minute Session - $30.00
60 Minute Session - $60.00 
90 Minute Session - $90.00
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
The Giggling Life Farm
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